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The Hosteria Volante is us, our hearts, our looks, our desire to create. We have a thousand stories to tell: you will come to know them by looking at our work...


He is the “flying” host, but not only that... he paints, writes, invents, designs... and loves cooking, attention to detail, and to discover new flavours. Sea and Mountains...


She is our tractor, energetic, determined, governs the fires of the Hosteria like a real romagnola Azdora but drinks rum! And it comes from Cuba.


She is our pastry chef with the look of a child, hands always white of flour, born in these mountains with the rolling pin in hand.


The sister of our Meli, with the same heart and energy, which is not spent behind the stove but serving you while radiating all the colour and warmth that pervades our place.


Her smile will never be missing; you will see her running from one table to another giving advice and guidance on the right dishes and the best bottles from our cellar.


The Hosteria Volante is her second home, she is the housekeeper who does everything from cleaning to pasta, we started calling her the "vision" because first you see her making a bed and then, 10 minutes later, behind the chopping board and then doing the laundry.


He is the master of our cuisine, knowledgeable of the flavours of the land and sea, but do not call him chef!

Events & Degustation

We are located in Bagno di Romagna

in via Manin 3, on the corner of Piazza Santa Maria

Hosteria Volante
Via Manin, 3
47021 Bagno di Romagna (Fc)
Tel. +39 0543/911021
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