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A mix of Sicilian influences and our mountains ... a special menu - improvised – from somewhere between Sicily and Romagna, only by reservation.

Changing every day...

AMMUCCIATO (“under cover”)… the story of the fish restaurant inside the Hosteria Volante follows this proverb: "Amuri, biddizzi e dinari nun si ponnu ammucciari" (Sicilian dialect that translates to: Love, beauty and money cannot be hidden). We tried to keep it hidden, but just as this Sicilian proverb says, you cannot... ultimately the story was this: almost every day we used to cook fish for just one single customer as well as... for the hoste volante. Over time, the rumour spread and now, by reservation - fish can be had by everyone. The cuisine of Ammucciato is a mix of Sicilian influences and our own mountains: it is not unusual to find in our dishes the combination of truffles and mushrooms, the products of our area. For us, the Romagna is also a bit like northern Sicily because there is an affinity for warmth, passion and hospitality. Maybe the hoste volante was raised with the love of two grandmothers, one Sicilian and one from the Romagna. Today's recipe is...

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We are located in Bagno di Romagna

in via Manin 3, on the corner of Piazza Santa Maria

Hosteria Volante
Via Manin, 3
47021 Bagno di Romagna (Fc)
Tel. +39 0543/1796592
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